November 01, 2011

Iran Joins #Occupy

Iran's Basij Launches Website To Cover Occupy Wall Street Movement.

The Occupy Wall Street Movement has found an unlikely fan: Iran's government Basij force, whose thuggish members are thought to have been heavily involved in the crackdown that followed the disputed reelection of Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad in 2008.

In their latest move in support of the movement, a number . of young Basij members have launched a website that purports to cover news and developments about the movement in order to "fill in the gap by Western media."

What gaps do they want to fill in? Well if you look at known members facebook pages....


I know what's so bad about that? it gets worse.... Note the Obama poster with the O spelled with a noose.

Also a note of irony in the fact that the Basij were instrumental in quelling protests in Iran.

Human Rights Watch has reported that the Basij belong to the "Parallel institutions" (nahad-e movazi), "the quasi-official organs of repression that have become increasingly open in crushing student protests, detaining activists, writers, and journalists in secret prisons, and threatening pro-democracy speakers and audiences at public events." Under the control of the Office of the Supreme Leader these groups set up arbitrary checkpoints around Tehran, uniformed police often refraining from directly confronting these plainclothes agents. "Illegal prisons, which are outside of the oversight of the National Prisons Office, are sites where political prisoners are abused, intimidated, and tortured with impunity."
In Iran the Basij job is to oppress the very rights of expression that the protesters on Wall Street are exercising freely here.

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