October 28, 2011

Ohio Teacher Stacy Schuler Gets Prison - Updated

Stacy Schuler

(Lebanon, Ohio) After a four-day bench trial, Warren County Judge Robert Peeler sentenced former teacher Stacy Schuler to four years in prison. Judge Peeler said he believes Schuler has mental problems but doesn't believe she's insane.

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Ohio Teacher Claims She Was Insane During Sex and Doesn't Remember
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(Lebanon, Ohio) A 33-year-old physical education teacher formerly at Mason High School, Stacy Schuler, is currently on trial in Warren County Common Pleas Court facing 19 sex and alcohol offenses involving at least five male students.

Schuler has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity and waived her right for a jury trial. The case will be decided by Judge Robert Peeler.

Schuler's attorneys have stated that psychological issues prevented her from knowing what she was doing and the boys took advantage of her. Schuler contends she doesn't remember the sex.

Although Schuler claims insanity, testimony this week indicates that she was planning to plead insanity if her behavior became public. The trial continues today with the defense presenting its case. (More.)

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