October 26, 2011

Iranian IED's in Iraq Used U.S. Parts

When I first read the teaser to this story I thought: OMFG, some traitor in Minnesota was selling the Iranians parts!

But that's not what happened. What happened was that four guys in Singapore and an Iranian accomplice bought the parts from the US company and then shipped then to Iran. From Iran, the parts were then used in IED's to kill and maim US troops.

So, these guys aren't traitors. Just enemies. In either case, why aren't we lining them up against the wall?

Radio-control parts hidden in roadside bombs in Iraq have been traced to a company in Minnesota, prompting a federal grand jury Tuesday to indict five people in an alleged smuggling ring that sent up to 6,000 of the devices from this country to Iran for use against U.S. military personnel.

The alleged plot, run by a group of citizens of Singapore, was designed to skirt U.S. laws against conducting business with Iran, authorities said, adding that they hoped to extradite the defendants for trial in Washington...

Sixteen of the radio-frequency modules were found by coalition forces in unexploded IEDs, or improvised explosive devices, between May 2008 and July 2010 in Iraq, and were part of the 6,000 modules allegedly shipped through Iran.

Officials said the modules included encryption capabilities with a range of 40 miles for transmitting data wirelessly when configured with antennae.

Thanks to Kenny who has more.

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