October 20, 2011

LOL!: I've Been Banned From Commenting At Mediaite

For those who care:

Yes - point out that Tommy Christopher is little more than an Obama Administration hack, and probably have a few leftie commenters complain that they're getting their backsides handed to them in debates in the threads, and that equals a banning from Mediaite. Apparently.

I've been pointing out the hypocrisy of the newly-minted warmonger left ecstatic that their Nobel Peace Prize-winning warmonger President has claimed at least partial credit for the mob-killing of Qaddaffi. No problem, but trying to get them to understand that cheering it on, considering their views from 2003-2008 is, well, hypocritical

It's not like I haven't been there a while making noise - reasonably respectful, articulate, sometimes irreverent noise (I was one of the five most "liked" members of the commenting community), so I wasn't spamming them or anything. Just lots of tenacious, hearty, sometimes heated debate.

Scroll through any number of threads over there and see if anything I was saying was really ban-worthy, or even close to some of the ignorant trash the liberals over there post regularly.

Oh well. Spread the word around the right-o-sphere if you so care! It's my understanding that this is a Dan Abrams venture (former MSNBC), which explains the site's rather unhidden right-bashing agenda and their apparent short leash for people who can show their post authors the gaping holes in their, um, 'coverage' of the media (which consists of approximately 90% Fox-bashing, 9% Limbaugh-quote-mining, and 1% other).

You're on your own, Pablo! Godspeed!

My work here is done. If they un-ban me, I'll let you know. OUT!

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