October 11, 2011

Reminder: The KGB Loved the Guardian

Not "news", per se, but still worth the reminder. CIF Watch:

Gott was not the only Guardian journalist to be targeted and Gordievsky claimed that Gott’s newspaper was of special interest to Soviet intelligence.

“The KGB loved the Guardian,” he says. “It was deemed highly susceptible to penetration.”

Surprising? Hardly.

The Guardian’s current associate editor, Seumas Milne, is still an apologist for Soviet Communism and began his “journalistic” career as a contributor to the decidedly pro-Stalinist Communist Party publication, Straight Left.

Milne, in a 2001 essay, expressed regret over the fall of the Soviet Empire, which, during the height of its power, enslaved half of Europe under its totalitarian yoke, and killed maybe 60 million human beings (give or take a few million).

Milne especially lamented “The removal of the only state that could challenge the power of the US militarily”.

That certainly explains a lot.

Thanks to armaros fallen.

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