September 28, 2011

Confirmed: Failed Bomber Was Regular Visitor to Revolution Muslim Website, Fan of Bakri Mohammad & Awlaki's Online Videos

Convicted terrorist Carlos Almonte holds "Death to all Juice" sign. The hands to the left handing out flyers belong to Younes Abdullah Muhammad, co-founder of Revolution Muslim

Antonio Martinez — aka Muhammad Hussein -- the man who failed to blow up a military recruiting station in Maryland was an online fanboy of the New York based Revolution Muslim website. Martinez thus joins the ranks of a growing number of former Revolution Muslim authors and readers now behind bars.

One of the websites founders, Jesse "Younes Abdullah Muhammad" Morton, is in a Moroccon jail awaiting extradition to the US. The other founder, Joseph "Yousef al Khattab" Cohen, is now a college student in New York who claims he didn't really think people would take his pro-al Qaeda and Taliban statements seriously.

In a response to Martinez's lawyers motion to have evidence suppressed, the AG's office filed a lengthy rebuttal in which new details in the case emerged. One of those details confirms what we had earlier suspected: that Martinez was self-radicalized through the internet, specifically through the Revolution Muslim website. From the response:

For example, the defendant’s Facebook “Friends” included two radical Islamist websites affiliated with a radical group called Revolution Muslim: Call to Islam...

While on the Internet, the defendant was observed viewing the Revolution Muslim website, watching a video of Osama bin Laden speaking, and watching
multiple jihadist training camp-type video clips

The allegedly "reformed" co-founder of the Revolution Muslim website definitely answers the question of whether or not he still wants to kill all Israelis. The statement was written after several MSM reports claiming Yousef al Khattab had become a "moderate".

And although some of his Muslim friends tried to convince him violent jihad wasn't the way to go, he seems to have received a different message online by Omar Bakri Mohammad and Awar al-Awlaki:

no one influenced him towards jihad and local Imams tried to talk him out of it - he listened to online scholars, like al-Aulaqi, who spoke about the duty to wage jihad - he accepted the form of jihad that meant being passionate about armed struggle in the path of Allah...

Also during this meeting, the defendant referred to Anwar al-Aulaqi as his beloved sheikh” ...

He made reference to “Muhammad Omar Bakri,” whom he said was calling for jihad

So thank you to Yousef and Younes on yet another terrorist in the bag! Great work fellas!

Thanks to Aaron for the original document.

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