September 23, 2011

Revolution Muslim Co-Founder Arrested, Awaiting Extradition for Threatening South Park Creators -- Bonus: email a terrorist! (bumped)

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Jesse "Younes Abdullah Muhammad" Morton with friend and convicted terrorist Zachary "Abu Talhah al-Amriki" Chesser in front of the White House

Revolution Muslim & Islam Policy co-founder, Younes Abdullah Muhammad, has confirmed that he is being detained in Morocco awaiting extradition to the US.

We reported that he had been charged with threatening the creators of South Park earlier this year. It is not known whether more charges are pending against Younes, but I wouldn't discount it.

This according to a letter published on the Islamic Awakening forum:

As I belive all of you know, I am presently incarcerated in Morocco and awaiting extradition to the U.S. on criminal charges.
Ah, so sad. I wonder if the prisons in Morocco are like those in Turkey?

The close associate of several convicted terrorists, including Zachary Chesser (pictured with Muhammad above), Younes -- born Jesse Morton before he converted to Islam and changed his name -- then begs for the radicals on the forum to help him by sending money:

Over the past few years I completed paying for a college education absent Ribaa, was thrown from Saudia Arabia suddenly on pressure from the U.S. returned in middle of a resession to U.S, and then relocated to Morocco I only to find myself in my condition now...

Needless to say much of my savings are depleted.

The idea of stopping Dawa in lieu of financial difficulty or the pressure of the Kuffar never occurred to me and for that I remain grateful, but sending this e-mail in hopes that you or those around you may be able to assist my family in relocating back to U.S, yet again, to be close to me....

Your brother in deen
Younes Abdullah Muhammad

While the email address appears to be blocked out, the underlying html code reveals Younes' email address.

So, let's email a terrorist!

Thanks to Berger.

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