September 19, 2011

ATTN YouTube User MrContractkiller99

You're our beotch, bitch!!



He was one of many users on our LeT target list tonight Andrea made for us

Thanks to all who helped!

More targets beside the user I posted earlier. He has one video down and 16 left.

Update By Howie: By my count we've worked to remove about 100 LeT vids in the past few weeks. My count for LeT. Started around 1740 and was down to around 1660. So this means its lower today right?

Wrong. The Jihadis are a stubborn pesky little bunch and given Youtube's total lack of pro-activity on this matter my count today us up to 1690. So keep it up kids...

The promotion of known specially designated terrorist entities on Youtube and elsewhere on the internet is known to result in dead bodies.

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