September 18, 2011

American Islamic Group Supports Ban On "Foreign Law" Which Includes Sharia

Take that CAIR/ACLU[Emphasis mine]

....In a separate debate, the American Islamic Leadership Conference (AILC) recently announced support for a Michigan bill (HB 4679) that would prevent state judges from utilizing foreign laws. This, to the surprise of some, would include Sharia law. This group, comprised of Muslim adherents, is opposed do any state court decisions that would conflict with American law. In an official release, the group writes:
As American Muslims, we believe that the law should treat people of all faiths equally, while protecting Muslims and non-Muslims alike from extremist attempts to use the legal instrument of shari‘ah (also known as Islamic jurisprudence, or fiqh) to incubate, within the West, a highly politicized and dangerous understanding of Islam that is generally known as “Islamism,” or “radical Islam.”[...]

As American Muslims we are conscious of the fact that Muslim Brotherhood legacy groups [CAIR...ed] and other Islamists and their surrogates in the U.S. are trying their best to portray any opposition to manifestations of shari‘ah law as “racism” and “discrimination against Muslims.”

Good on them for speaking out, I hope other Muslim groups join them in speaking out against CAIR's frivolous lawsuits.

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