September 11, 2011

That Day Today

Today is not a day of service.

Today is a day to remember the innocent who were murdered 10 years ago by Islamic terrorists, and to remember the 17,720 who have been murdered since that day.

Today is a day to honour those who so selflessly risk their lives to save others, those who rushed up the stairs when everyone else so desperately tried to flee down the stairs.

Today is a day to be thankful for our strong military and the men and women who stand on the front lines. Without them, the ugly face terrorism would have visited us on our own soil many more times since that day.

Today is a day to renew our resolve to fight evil wherever it thrives, a day for justified anger. It is a day to declare you are either with us or against us, a day when you are willing to stand firm against evil or look the other way hoping it will ignore you.

Today is that day, 10 years later. Today, the cowards celebrate, the appeasers service, the compassionate mourn, the brave fight, and all patriots remember that day.


Update: Stable Hand posted this video yesterday. It is worth a repeat. Watch and then download the song "America (Land of the Free)":

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