August 30, 2011

Glass Half Full Or Half Empty

Good News: There has been no rise in support for Islamic extremism among American Muslims since 2007!


It's good to see a majority - well over half - of American Muslims are concerned about Islamic extremism and don't support (at least 'not too much') extremist views. Almost half think American Muslim leaders have not done enough to combat extremism. And almost TWICE as many as in 2007 think the U.S. War on Terrorism is a sincere effort.

Bad News: 13% of American Muslims still think suicide bombings and other acts of violence against innocent civilians are justified:


According to the Pew Research Poll (page 2 of report), there are approximately 2,750,000 Muslims in America. That 13% translates to more than 350,000 Muslims in America who support the use of terrorism, at least some of the time.

It's also a little disconcerting to me that 85% of Pakistani Muslims completely reject terrorism as ever being justified, compared to only 81% of American Muslims.

See more American Muslim poll results at the PewResearchCenter.

So, take your pick. The glass is half full or half empty. Either way, we are in the same situation.

Update: I had to correct my math - the percent of American Muslims who justify terrorism, according to this poll, is 13%, not the 14% I had initially posted. That means 357,500 support terrorism to some degree, not 385,000. Sorry about that. It was an unintentional mistake.

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