August 26, 2011

Another Terrorist Tied to Jihad Jane and Emerson Begolly Arrested
Had Fantasies of Terrorism, Columbine Style Attack on School
Bonus: Calls Rusty a "pig" and a "fag"


Jihad Jane

Colleen "Jihad Jane" LaRose's underage accomplice has been arrested. We've known about an unindicted co-conspirator -- unindicted presumably because he was a teenager -- for some time from both the LaRose and Emerson Begolly indictments.

His chat sessions with convicted homegrown terrorist Emerson Begolly were introduced as evidence in the complaint against the former neo-Nazi turned jihadist. [pictured right]

In the supporting documents to the Begolly case the unnamed minor, who used the email, has a conversation with Emerson in which the two recount how "hassan" is chat buddies with Collleen LaRose.

In those conversations "hassan" claims to be in Maryland and to be the "unindicted co-conspirator" in the Colleen LaRose case. He also admits that LaRose had sent her common law husband's stolen passport to him for safekeeping.

It was her intention to give that passport to a man who went by the handle "theblackflag" that she had met online. LaRose had flown to Ireland to meet the man whom she intended to marry. Using the stolen passport the two would be more free -- at least she seems to have thought initially -- to travel to Sweden where they would kill Lars Vilks, the cartoonist who had allegedly blasphemed Muhammad.

"Hassan" claims that LaRose sent for other documents and some money she had entrusted to him, but that he had hidden the stolen passport at his high school.

Those same documents reveal that "hassan" fantasized about jihad, carrying out terrorist attacks, and dreamed of carrying out a Columbine style attack on his high school.

He justified the killing of these school children on the grounds that many of their parents worked for various government organizations, such as the NSA and FBI.


In addition to LaRose and Begolly, "hassan" also was familiar with another of Begolly's online associates, Zach Chesser. Chesser was the man behind the threats to Matt Stone and Trey Parker for portraying Muhammad in an episode of South Park . Chesser was later indicted for attempting to join the al Qaeda linked al Shabaab group in Somalia.

If LaRose, Begolly, and Chesser were known online friends of "hassan", then I am cited as an online enemy. in response to Begolly's complaint that "Jawa called me a fag", "hassan" says, "he is a pig". By he of course "hassan" means me, Rusty Shackleford.

He then goes on to say, "His mother died while giving birth to a fag like him."

How nice, he brings my mother into this.

If who your enemies are says something about who you are, let me say that I'm proud to have been called a "pig" and a "fag" by yet another would-be terrorist.

Here's the story on Fox News:

A U.S. teen from Pakistan is in secret custody, accused of helping recruit terrorists for the woman known as "Jihad Jane," a person close to the boy's family said Friday....

Charges filed last month accuse the 17-year-old of helping Colleen LaRose in her alleged efforts to incite an Islamic holy war....

According to both sources, he met LaRose in a chat room when he was about 15 and later agreed to help her raise money and recruits for the jihadist cause.

By his own account, "hassan" lied to federal agents on several occasions. He bragged about this to Begolly and said he hadn't sold any one out from the Ansar Mujahideen English Forum (AMEF), where Begolly was a moderator.

Too bad that's not going to save his cornhole, the story reports that "hassan" will be moved from a juvenile detention center and be charged as an adult once he turns 18 next month.

Do you hear that "hassan"? That's the sound of me laughing.

UPDATE: His real name is "Mohammad". Imagine that?

His family emigrated from Pakistan four years ago, and relatives say the boy - Mohammed K., of Ellicott City, Md. - was headed to Johns Hopkins University on a full scholarship this fall.
Before you go blaming all Muslims, if you actually read the conversations between Mohammad and Begolly the young man says that his parents took his laptop away from him on several occasions when they found he was hanging out at jihadi forums and collecting beheading videos.

So instead of surfing for jihadi porn from home he used .... the school library.

Some of the news stories are making a stink out of the fact that young Mohammad was interviewed by the FBI on at least 8 occasions without a lawyer. What they're not mentioning is that this was done with his parents explicit permission.

In one of his conversations with Begolly he recounts how his parents kept telling him to tell the truth to the FBI. Which, of course, he didn't.

This is by far the best news story about him, but be careful as much of the information is coming from the family who are understandably distressed about their son's arrest.

Most of the information above I lifted from the Emerson Begolly documents. I haven't had time to look at the Jihad Jane complaint, but the story lifts this info from it:

"I write this message on behalf of a respected sister," Mohammed allegedly wrote. "The sister has been in touch with a brother [who] appealed for urgent funds stating that his resources are limited. The sister has provide me proofs that have confirmed that the brother is . . . true. . . . I know the sister and by Allah all money will be transferred to her. The sister will then transfer the money to the brother. . . ."
Expect updates.

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