August 21, 2011

Israel 'Ignites' Violence By Defending Itself

New York Times via HonestReporting (emphasis mine):

Israel blamed The Popular Resistance Committees for Thursday’s attack and killed its top commanders in an airstrike later that day, igniting cross-border exchanges after months of relative quiet under an informal cease-fire with Hamas.

"Relative quiet," of course, meaning Israel looked the other way as Palestinian militants lobbed hundreds of rockets into Israeli territory. But militants attacking Israeli civilians has nothing to do with the cross-border violence, according to the NYT. It's only when Israel strikes back that the violence is "ignited."

Note the image that accompanies the NYT article. Keep in mind, Palestinian militants initiated the attack. Also keep in mind, Palestinian militants routinely use human shields after their cowardly terrorist attacks:


Frankly, I wouldn't trust the Palestinian version of how this child died, if his death was even the result of Israeli strikes at all. Palestinians have a history of falsifying casualties and have even gone as far as purposely killing children to blame and demonize Israel.

Update: Bubbe in comments points out that the baby is probably the son of one of the militants, Mo'taz Bassem Quraiqe', who happens to be the leader of al-Quds Brigades (the armed wing of Islamic Jihad). It seems the NYT decided to omit that little tidbit in their caption.

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