August 17, 2011

White House Busted Again: Scrubbed Bush Era Reference of Jerusalem in Israel

It's the Obama way!

Update on: White House, in Escalation of Jerusalem Controversy, Scrubs Its Web Site of References to the City Being in Israel

They have now gone one step further, scrubbing GW's reference to Jerusalem in Israel.

Now this is just getting silly. The Obama White House is gearing up for a Supreme Court case in which it will defend its refusal to list “Jerusalem, Israel” on the passports of Americans born in the Israeli capital. As part of its preparations the administration recently scrubbed all the captions on a White House photo gallery of Vice President Biden in the city, changing “Jerusalem, Israel” to “Jerusalem.”....

Those who make it their business to rationalize White House hostility toward Israel were relieved, then, when the Washington Jewish Week’s Adam Kredo published an article claiming that the Bush administration had enforced an identical policy. Kredo cited a “search of the Bush White House’s archives” and photos of Laura Bush touring the Western Wall to conclude that the Bush White House webpage “never explicitly labeled [Jerusalem] as part of Israel[...]

It gets worse for Obama’s defenders, though, than merely being demonstrably wrong. It turns out that while they were insisting that the Bush administration consistently refused to reference “Jerusalem, Israel,” the Obama State Department was busy scrubbing documents in which Bush administration referenced “Jerusalem, Israel.” Straight down the memory hole. That’s kind of amazing when you pause and think about it, no?[ More, it gets worse..]

MSM all over this. Not!

In other Israel/Obama news: White House to Israel: Apologize to Turkey over flotilla raid or we'll abandon you at UN

Netanyahu to Clinton: Nutz to you, we won't apologize, or something like that.

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