August 16, 2011

Al Qaeda's Russian Affiliate Kavkaz Center Confirms Martyrdom Of Another Islamotard

The Zionist bandwidth beotch was unable to post jihadi forum images of dead Dagestan terrorist commander Emir Daud (aka Abdullah Magomedaliev). I especially liked the blood and guts one, impressive Russia!

The forum appears to be having a connection problem. No, it's not us, honest!

I settled for the above screencap from Kavkaz, click to enlarge.

Earlier, Vinnie posted Hafeed Salahuddin, keyboard jihadi turned meat world, sploded by US Predator. Another keyboard jihadi turned meat world, German Abu Adam (AKA Mounir Chouka), possible wounded in another Predator strike.

Such good news, next?

UPDATE: When I mentioned bloody images of Emir Daud, below is video of Chechen Islamotards mending their wounds after fight with Russian soldiers. You can just image what the dead Islamotard looked like...

Don't flag this video, user doesn't appear to be a JihadTuber.

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