August 16, 2011

Senator Patrick Leahy(D) Seeks To Cut Aid To Hamas

Oops, I meant aid to elite IDF units:

Senator Patrick Leahy claims Shayetet 13 unit, undercover Duvdevan unit, and the Israel Air Force Shaldag unit are involved in human rights violations in occupied territories.
Sen. leaky Leahy handlers were quick to respond:
Leahy says legislation doesn't aim at Israel, but could hit it.

Senator Leahy does not discuss private conversations he has had for decades with Israeli leaders.

However, the Haaretz article contains significant inaccuracies. He has not proposed legislation to withhold U.S. aid to units of the Israel Defense Forces.

By way of general background about the Leahy Amendment, the law applies to U.S. aid to foreign security forces around the globe and is intended to be applied consistently across the spectrum of U.S. military aid abroad.

The legislation isn't aimed at Israel, but he would support the cut. So yes, IDF aid could be cut, but Leahy isn't targeting Israel. This makes my head spin..

Remember recently the Homeland Insecurity erroneously, so they say, put Israel on a list of 36 nations which

“have shown a tendency to promote, produce, or protect terrorist organizations or their members.”
They said it was a mistake....

Who's next to make a mistake?

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h/t @DougPologe

UPDATE: Daniel Pipes must read: White House mischief

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