August 13, 2011

American kidnapped in Pakistan
UPDATE: Warren Weinstein

UPDATE: The early reports were based on local media, which had the victim's name wrong. His name is Warren Weinstein:

The U.S. Embassy has identified the American as Warren Weinstein, a man in his 60s serving as the director in Pakistan of a U.S.-based development consulting company, J.E. Austin Associates.

Police said they learned that Weinstein had finished his work in Pakistan and intended to leave the country by Monday. He had just returned to Lahore after traveling to the capital, Islamabad.

Weinstein's profile on the social networking site LinkedIn says he has lived in Lahore since 2004, leading development projects for the consulting company in cooperation with the U.S. aid agency and the Pakistani government.
J.E. Austin Associates says Weinstein has worked in international development for 25 years. He holds a doctorate degree in international law and economics, as well as a master's degree in international relations, according to the company's website, and he speaks six languages.

Best case scenario: local thugs after some cash.

I don't think I have to describe the worst case scenario. With a name like Weinstein, you can pretty much see the writing on the wall if this is a group of Islamists.

He and his family are in our prayers. Original post below.


ISLAMABAD, Aug. 13 (Xinhua) -- A 63-year-old U.S. national named Justin Warner was kidnapped by a group of 10 unidentified men from his residence in the Model Town area of Lahore, a major city in eastern Pakistan, early Saturday morning, local media quoted police sources as saying
Updates when we get them..

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