August 09, 2011

Christian Persecution by Islamists

This is an older video but relevant today. In Pakistan, a Mohammedan raped 2yr old Neeha because her father refused to convert to Islam

In Nigeria, 10 Christians were recently murdered by Boko Haram. The radical Islamist sect wants to "cleanse the area of Christians" and rule by Shariah law.

In New Delhi, Islamists attacked and stripped naked a female convert to Christianity

“The radicals believe that when any person from the Muslim community becomes Christian, they get Christian marks on their body,” Bashir said. “When the radicals could not find such marks, they started beating her up
She is still alive, surprisingly.

In Egypt, Muslims attacked a Christian village, 1 murdered, homes looted and torched. Security services arrived four hours after the attack...

Xariif will undoubtedly deny by cut-n-paste

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