August 03, 2011

Taliban Safely Operating in Pakistan with Gay Porn on Their Computers (Bonus: Taliban IPs) (**BUMPED .... Because of The Funny)

As if the recent humiliations of the Taliban on the web weren't enough here's more. First, they lost their website due to Jawa actions. Then "someone" was able to hack their site and post a fake Mullah Omar Death Announcement.

Now they sent our friend Gerald malware, which he promptly modified to collect all their IP addresses.

I launched a bevy of BSU's at them and we turned up 11 IPs in 4 cities all in Pakistan. They claim to be operating from Afghanistan, another one of their lies.

All of them speak English.

[At least] 3 are in Karachi: Dr Tariq, Azam Tariq and 2 staff.

[ed: here are their IPs]

( 24025), (, (

He has since disappeared [ed: We're not sure who Gerald means here, we'll get that clarified]. According to the content on their PCs Azam Tarip was the only one without boy porn on his PC.

Statistics: 6 out of 7 Taliban enjoy gay porn.


4 in Lahore: (, (, (, (

and 2 in Quetta: (

[One] withheld for sitrep and opsec.

And 4 in Islamabad: (, (, (, (

While there are many IPs, there are only 7 members running the website.

One note: The Jawa Report is aware of one more Taliban website still operating under another URL and that site was updated as recently as today. So while they may have vanished somewhat, they are persistent pests. Which is what makes f*cking with them so much fun. They never get enough of being PWNED!

Of course, for some reason the Pakistanis, sitting right there, are unable to track these folks. Yet sitting half a world away Gerald can tell what flight he was on.

We tracked ( QARI YOUSUF AHMADI [ed note: Taliban spokesman], on a flight from Karachi to Lahore: 16-May-11 on a Boeing 737.

He was on [this] computer [within] an hour of landing (

Pakistan ..... our ally.

UPDATE by Rusty: I edited the post slightly to make it (hopefully) clearer.

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