July 30, 2011

Naser Abdo's Father Was Deported To Jordan For Solicitation Of A Minor (Updated-Criminal History Of Both Parents)

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Jamal Abdo, father of U.S. absentee soldier Pfc. Naser Abdo, at his Snack Resturant in Al Fuhais city, Jordan, Friday July 29, 2011

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Police decoy sting[Velvet Hammer]

Jamal Abdo was arrested in 2004, accused of soliciting sex from a Garland detective posing online as “Molly,” a 15-year-old girl, according to records[...]

Jamal Abdo unsuccessfully appealed his conviction. He was released from a Texas prison in December 2009 and turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials. He was deported to Jordan in February 2010.

Jamal, a Muslim, lived in Killeen for 25 years, he was divorced from Abdo's Christian mother.

Speaking from Jordan Jamal said the charges against his son were all lies from A to Z He also said the charges were trumped up because Abdo refused to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan

“My son loved people no matter who they are, whether Jews or Christians,” Jamal Abdo said. “Naser is not the kind of a person who harbors evil for the other people, he cannot kill anyone and he could not have done any bad thing.”
POS Abdo took after his POS father, and pedophile Mo.

UPDATE: When Jamal first moved to Garlan, Texas he registered as a sex offender. So apparently, this wasn't his first sex offense. Abdo's mother also has a record. The "Christian" mother doesn't fit the narrative here:

His parents, Carlisa Morlan and Jamal R. Abdo, married in Dallas County in 1989 and divorced five years later, according to state records.

Jamal Abdo moved to Garland some years ago, and one of the first things he did was show up at the Garland Police Department to register as a sex offender, Garland Police Officer Joe Harn said[...]

Naser Abdo’s mother, Morlan, pleaded guilty or was convicted of three drug-related charges in 2002. She completed probation on those charges, records indicate. She also either served jail time or received probation for two theft charges and prostitution in 2001 and ’02, according to Dallas County records.

Lovely, dysfunctional family Abdo has. Daddy is a convicted sexual pervert, mommy is/was a druggie, thief and a prostitute. Naser just added jihadi to the mixture.

What a family, eh?

UPDATE II: I was unsure if Naser lived with his mom, but apparently with her drug abuse, he was raised by his dad.

His[Naser] former neighbor said his home was broken and abusive. His parents Jamal Abdo and Carlisa Morlan were divorced.

At the time she said Morlan was seeking help for substance abuse and was mainly absent from her kids’ lives. That left Abdo and his sister in the care of their Palestinian father, a Muslim[Palestinian father? He was deported to Jordon, hmmm..ed]

“The father was strange,” she said. “He just wasn’t right. It was just in his eyes.”

Money quote: “He just wasn’t right. It was just in his eyes.”

The media may be trying to set a "poor Naser" narrative, I don't buy it. I've known a few dysfunctional families but their kids didn't turn into domestic terrorists.

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