July 28, 2011

Fort Hood Suspect Hearts Bradley Manning (And Has Some Supporters)(bumped)

A message posted to a Facebook page dedicated to helping Pvt. Nasser Jason Abdo resist the Zionist-Crusader war of aggression against the Muslims. And by "Muslims" of course they mean the Taliban. The English is a little sketchy, but I think you get the point.

Freenasserabdo_facebook_comment_assahabu raayati suud_.jpg
"O Muslim soldiers rise up and give it an attack is in your country, it would make us smile and forget a little pain in my heart."

Don't worry, the guy is in Indonesia which I'm told is a moderate country.

And besides American Yankee Zionist Imperialist killing the poor innocent Muslims in the Taliban, what else was Nasser Abdo concerned about? Bradley Manning, natch.

facebook_nasser abdo_bradley manning_.jpg

Traitors: they tend to think alike no matter what motivates them.

UPDATE: When I first went to post this I didn't notice that the guy supporting Abdo had just written it. But apparently this is in reaction to Abdo's arrest, not something he was encouraging Abdo to do before he began his plot.

NOTE TO HMF: Dude, email me.

UPDATE: Did I say Danny Manning? Ugh. Yeah, it's mah sport.

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