July 28, 2011

Breaking: U.S. Soldier Arrested Over Concerns of Possible Second Attack On Fort Hood (Bumped/Updated)(Rebumped)

FOX has the names of the three suspects but are withholding them at this time.

At least one U.S. military serviceman has been arrested after raising concerns over another possible attack on Fort Hood, Fox News has learned exclusively.

According to an Army source, one AWOL soldier is in the custody of the Killeen Police Department near Fort Hood. He was not captured on base. According to another source, two other U.S. soldiers were also arrested earlier today after authorities recovered weapons and explosives.[More..]

Expect updates.

UPDATE: The AWOL soldier arrested was from Ft Campbell, Kentucky. We wonder if Howie's post yesterday, AWOL Muslim Soldier Objected to Fighting Muslims, is the same soldier.

UPDATE II: The AWOL soldier arrested was the same one Howie posted about.

facebook_ft campbell pos_.jpg
[FB] POS Pfc. Nasser Abdo
Pvt. Nasser Jason Abdo, an AWOL soldier from Fort Campbell, Kentucky, was arrested by the Killeen Police Department near Fort Hood and remains in custody there. Authorities, however, will not say if Abdo is the one who raised security concerns

Bob Jenkins, a Fort Campbell spokesman, told Fox News that Abdo was being investigated for child pornography found on his government computer.

Abdo went AWOL on July 4. On the eve of his first deployment to Afghanistan -- after only one year in the Army -- Abdo applied for conscientious objector status. It was denied by his superiors at Ft. Campbell but later overturned by the Assistant Deputy Secretary of the Army review board.[More..]

UPDATE III: I'm listening to Jennifer Griffin and she stated police apparently found explosive materials in Abdo's backpack as well as jihadi material. The reason he was picked up was he was purchasing explosive materials and ammunition from several gun stores and the owners alerted the police.

UPDATE IV: FOX updated the link:

Pvt. Nasser Jason Abdo, an AWOL soldier from Fort Campbell, Kentucky, was arrested by the Killeen Police Department near Fort Hood and remains in custody there. Authorities, however, will not say if Abdo is the one who raised security concerns.

Abdo was allegedly found with explosives and jihadist materials at the time of his arrest, a senior Army source confirms to Fox News. He was arrested at around 2 p.m. Wednesday after someone called authorities to report a suspicious individual.

Arrested around 2 p.m. Wednesday? Maybe the reason the 2 others were arrested today? Hmmm, only time will tell.

Why Abdo said no to Afghanistan below fold

Update: Pajamas Media has more including video of Abdo being interviewed on CNN about his status objecting to fighting Muslims who kill Muslims and also on his Islamic faith.

Update by Howie: Jawa Report sources are telling us that one of the other persons of interest in this case is Zachari Klawonn.

Abdo promoted Klawonn on this personal FB page.

Nasser Abdo_facebook_zachary kalawaan_.jpg

UPDATE by SH: "He was all ready to go"

Eric Vasys, a spokesman with the FBI's San Antonio Office, said authorities found firearms and bomb making components inside Abdo's motel room. Sources also say Abdo was attempting to make a purchase at Guns Galore in Killeen, the same ammunition store where Major Nidal Hasan purchased weapons that were allegedly used to gun down 13 people and wound 30 others on Nov. 5, 2009.

Sources said Abdo had enough materials to make two bombs, including 18 pounds of sugar and six pounds of smokeless gunpowder -- a possible trigger for an explosive. A pressure cooker was also found.

"He was all ready to go," one law enforcement source said.

Another counterterrorism source said the bomb making materials and methodology came "straight out of Inspire magazine and an Al Qaeda explosives course manual."

Inshallahshaheed's (aka Samir Khan) fingerprints all over this through AQAP's Inspire rag...

UPDATE by RS: William Teach notices this interesting tidbit:

When he was arrested, Abdo was in possession of large quantities of ammunition, weapons and what appeared to be the makings of a bomb, according to early accounts from law enforcement. He had also apparently purchased an Army uniform with Fort Hood patches from a local surplus store."
UPDATE by RS: Zuhdi Jasser chimes in:
"Abdo's obsession with Islamophobia is the same logic that drove the murderous rampage of Maj Nidal Hasan on Nov. 5, 2009 at Fort Hood," AIFD President and Navy veteran Zuhdi Jasser said in the statement. "Abdo's adherence to the global Islamist ideology above his American loyalty runs to the core of what we Muslims need to fight in real counterterrorism."

Via Freenasserabdo Facebook:

Facebook_ft campbell nasser abdo pos_2.jpg

POS, the above is terrorist propaganda reinforcing the terrorist narrative that the US is the aggressor in a war against Muslims.

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