July 27, 2011

Norway mass murderer an equal opportunity plagiarist? So-called "manifesto" a cut-and-paste job

The 1500+ page "manifesto" that is alleged to have been written by Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik has the Left and their establishment media allies doing circle jerks and kept them busy for the past few days checking the "manifesto" for names from their enemies list. But it appears to be a complete cut-and-paste job rather than the culmination of years of extensive study by the killer as has been repeatedly claimed by the media (NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, etc.) and the killer himself (in the first few pages of the "manifesto").

Even worse, if they had actually read his manifesto, rather than do a word search for targets taken from their enemies list, they would have discovered that most of this work is plagiarized and not his own work. Many of the links are already there. It's looking like the only element that is really truly his is the journal portion.

Scott Shane of the New York Times actually used this manifesto to accuse the usual suspects of helping to shape the "anti-Muslim" worldview of the killer, despite the fact that authorities have not even confirmed it was actually compiled by Breivik. And so far no one has really explained why despite this supposed raging anti-Muslim hatred that he was driven by, not a single victim of Breivik's killing spree was a Muslim (at least that I've seen reported so far). It is also interesting to note that Shane forgot to mention that the New York Times itself was cited as a source in the "manifesto". Is the Old Gray Lady also to blame for these cold-blooded murders?!?! But I digress...

Having reviewed the first 800 pages of this work, it is clear that virtually all of those sections were plagiarized from other works. I have found the sources for first ~350 pages so far and am working on tracking down the rest (which I will post here as an update).

The links to all of the sources Breivik plagiarized for the sections I've analyzed so far (through Section 2.5) are below the fold.

Less than 5% of what I have analyzed so far could possibly be original to the author of the work, and there's some internal evidence that this may have been a wikipedia-like product of multiple individuals including Breivik, such as directions to "feel free to complete this section". We'll find out more down the road.

In addition, CT expert Jarrett Brachman observed that later portions of the "manifesto" appear to be lifted wholesale from Unibomber Ted Kaczynski's 1995 manifesto with only "cultural Marxism" and "multiculturalism" replacing Kaczynski's terms. At least the Unibomber wrote his own material.

One law enforcement official I spoke with yesterday said the technical portions of the "manifesto" looks very familiar to various jihadist manuals, including "The Explosives Course" and Abu Musab Al-Suri's equally massive "The Call to Global Islamic Resistance". I'll be checking those sources to compare them with the "manifesto" (anyone who wants to check those sources and note any similarities in the comments would be greatly appreciated), but that would explain some commentary that Breivik's methodology mirrored that of Al-Qaeda's. It may literally be swiped from Al-Qaeda's playbooks.

Thus, this "manifesto", which even if it was the work of the killer, appears to be as representative of his worldview as a plagiarized term paper turned in by one of Rusty's students represents the deep thinking of a lazy college freshman trolling Wikipedia (which the "manifesto" also lifts heavily from).

But it's doubtful that the inconvenient fact that Breivik was an equal opportunity plagiarist pulling from "progressive" (Unibomber), conservative (Spencer, Steyn, et al.) and even possibly jihadist sources will change the views of the heavy-breathers at the New York Times, Washington Post, or Think Progress, because any facts which depart from the narrative that those on their enemies list are directly to blame for this grave tragedy will be quickly set aside; or used as even further proof to implicate their enemies ("See, they didn't just inform his worldview, they willingly allowed him to copy their worldview wholesale!" I assume the story will be spun). Needless to say, with this tragic incident there has been enough confirmation bias to go around on all sides.

So the claims made in the first few pages of the "manifesto" that this work represented three years of effort and hundreds of thousands of euros investment to complete are a flat-out lie. Most of this could have been compiled and edited in a day. But if you're a mass murderer, why not lie too?

But the unhinged response from the Left and the establishment media make it clear that they are willing to take wanton plagiarist and mass murderer Anders Breivik at his word if it allows them to grind their own political axes to collect the scalps of their perceived ideological enemies.

So here are the sources that Breivik and his possible collaborators for this manifesto plagiarized their material from:

Introduction - What is “Political Correctness”? 18
How it all began - Political Correctness is Cultural Marxism 18
Cultural Marxist profiles 25
The Movement for Academic Reform 32
Political Correctness: Deconstruction and Literature 33
Radical Feminism and Political Correctness 35
Further Readings on the Frankfurt School 38
Additional works on the Frankfurt School 41

All from: http://www.freecongress.org/centers/cc/pcessay.aspx (link is now dead)

1.1 Historical revisionism (negationism) 45

http://eurabia.blogse.nl/log/eurabia/the-eurabia-code-by-fjordman.html (partially)

1.2 General characteristics of European Islamic Negationism 50


1.3 The Failure of Western Universities 58


1.4 Review 1: Religion of Peace? Islam’s war against the world - Islam 101 66


1.5 Al-Taqiyya – Religious/political deception 78


1.6 Naskh - Quranic abrogation 86


1.7 Review 2: Islam – What the West needs to know 108

Transcrpt of
Taken from CSPAN transcript? http://www.q-and-a.org/Transcript/?ProgramID=1086

1.8 European Slaves, Arab Masters 129


1.9 Hindu Kush, the largest Genocides in the history of man 138


1.10 Additional info - Hindu Kush 143


1.11 What the Crusades Were Really Like 144
1.12 The Crusades and today 147

Both from: http://www.catholic.org/featured/headline.php?ID=1417

1.13 The factors that led to the Crusades 150


1.14 Modern Aftermath of the Crusades 151


1.15 History of the Islamic Ottoman Turkish Empire I (1299-1876) 154

http://www.youtube.com/user/Armenia1968 (articles now removed)

1.16 Jus Primae Noctis - Institutionalised rape of Christians under the Ottoman Empire 164


1.17 Jihadi Genocides of Christians in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey - The Armenian, Greek and Assyrian Genocides 166


1.18 Turkey: Back to the Future? 181


1.19 The fall of the Christian state of Lebanon 197


1.20 Battle of Poitiers (Battle of Tours) – First Islamic Wave – Year 732 226


1.21 Battle of Vienna – Second Islamic wave – Year 1683 242


1.22 European Crusader heroes, champions, legends 247


1.23 Western vs. Islamic Science and Religion 251


1.24 Historically - Bosnia is Serbian Land 260


1.25 Who are the “Bosniaks”? 263


1.26 Historical Islamic demographic warfare in Kosovo 270


1.27 Myths and Politics - Origin or the Myth of a Tolerant Pluralistic Islamic Society 273


1.28 Palestine for the Syrians? 281


1.29 Overview – Historical acts of high treason by European Governments 282

1.30 Further studies 284

2.1 EU’s Eurabia Project (The Eurabia Code) - Documenting EU’s deliberate strategy to Islamise Europe 287


2.2 The Eurabia Code – 2008 Updates 315


2.3 Ten Reasons to Get Rid of the European Union 320


2.4 Why the EU Needs to be Destroyed, and Soon 329


2.5 Boycott the United Nations! 336


I'll update here as I continue to find more sources.

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