July 25, 2011

In Defense of Will McCants; Or, why the MSM is just as lazy as the rest of us

Just a note on the minor controversy surrounding Will McCants and his Jihadica website. It was McCants who first noted that a user at the Shamikh forum was claiming responsibility for the Norway attack on behalf of The Helpers of the Global Jihad. The claim was widely reported in the MSM.

But just to show you how lazy these people are, McCants posted pretty quickly after the initial report that the same user had recanted his earlier claim and was now advising his fellow eHadis to wait for an official announcement. Now, I knew this because when I bothered to look at the original source.

I, a lazy part time blogger, was able to check the original source of the story and realized that the report was wrong. The MSM kept reporting this for hours, many of them citing each other and earlier MSM stories as the source of the report. This is just lazy journalism. These people claim the journalistic high ground viz-a-viz bloggers and employ full time fact checkers who, apparently, can't be bothered to actually check any facts.

In any event it wasn't McCants' fault that some idiot on the forums took credit, he was just reporting on what the guy said. Had any one in the MSM bothered to actually check the source they would have known this and would have pulled the initial reports.

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