July 24, 2011

Norway Shooter Copied Unabombers Manifesto


The site Document.no as Sunday reveals that some of Anders Behring Breivik's book, called "2083 - A European Declaration of Independence," is straight out of the so-called Unabomber manifesto.
by Theodore John Kaczynski

While Breivik several places in the text is careful to cite external sources, not Theodore Kaczynski - known as the Unabomber - said a word.[...]

Some online newspapers have already compared Kaczynskis manifest with the 1,511-page document Breivik posted on the Internet shortly before the terrorist attack

Now it turns out that the Northern man simply copied large parts of the text.

But where Kaczynski reviews the enemy as "leftism" and "leftist," Breivik use the words "Multiculturalism" and "Cultural Communism."[More..]

So, the "Nordic Hero/Saviour" (he thinks of himself that way):[h/t Mean Kitteh]
I will always know that I am perhaps the biggest champion of cultural conservatism, Europe has ever witnessed since 1950. I am one of many destroyers of cultural Marxism and as such; a hero of Europe, a savior of our people and of European Christendom by default. A perfect example which should be copied, applauded and celebrated. The Perfect Knight I have always strived to be. A Justiciar Knight is a destroyer of multiculturalism, and as such; a destroyer of evil and a bringer of light. I will know that I did everything I could to stop and reverse the Europeancultural and demographical genocide and end and reverse the Islamisation of Europe
Plagiarized the Unabombers manifesto.

He wanted fame, as the Unabomber did, and is probably the only reason he released the manifesto and published the video. It apparently wasn't enough for him to go and kill a bunch of people, he wanted to rub it in.

He is a cold blooded killer plagiarizing another killers manifesto.

h/t Andrea

UPDATE: Breivik figured he would be a martyr and NOT live:

As for girlfriends; I do get the occasional lead, or the occasional girl making a move, especially now a day as Im fit like hell and feel great. But Im trying to avoid relationships as it would only complicate my plans and it may jeopardize my operation. And I dont feel comfortable manipulating girls any more into one night stands. I am not that person any more. I did screw two girls in Prague though, but that was mainly because it was a realistic chance that I would end up dead during the process of establishing a weapons connection. I wont make any effort to try to completely justify it though. Human males are imperfect by default as they are plagued by their biological needs.
Nevertheless, screwing around outside of marriage is after all a relatively small sin compared to the huge amounts of grace I am about to generate with my martyrdom operation. And it is essential that you do what is required to keep moral and motivation at a high level; especially, just prior to operation critical moments. I have reserved 2000 Euro from my operations budget which I intend to spend on a high quality model escort girl 1 week prior to execution of the mission. I will probably arrange that just before or after I attend my final martyrs mass in Frogner Church. It will contribute to ease my mind as I imagine I will get tense and very nervous. It is easier to face death if you know you are biologically, mentally and spiritually at ease
Norway's shooter 1500 page manifesto(Update-Manifest-the movie
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