July 20, 2011

YouTube Smackdown: Open Letter To Google/YouTube Part II


......As expected - Google had to give some lip service to Joe Lieberman here recently as the anniversary of 9/11 gets nearer. They actually held a forum. h/t AlixLevin.com.

And so there was the question - "Does YouTube proactively scan its site for terrorist content? If so, how many videos are taken down on a monthly basis (on average over the last twelve months) as a result?"

Answer - "Video is uploaded at YouTube at the rate of 35 hours per minute. Because of the massive scale of the platform, it is not possible to pre-screen content."

Either they were lying thru their teeth or - well - they were just lying thru their teeth. Since 2007 Google has had a program that pre-screens content of every uploaded video and then removes them without human intervention. It is called YouTube Content ID and is used to auto detect videos for copywrite infringements. [Continue reading to view YouTube Content ID video..Must watch..ed]

It's called fear of being called Islamophobic...must be PC even if jihadi videos recruit those who would kill us and our finest and bravest.

PC kills!


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