July 06, 2011

This Is What I Have Been Telling Flotards All Along

Now there is a video - Free Gaza from Hamas and a Free Gaza From Hamas Movement:

Psychologist and patient examine the motives of Freedom Flotillas, Flytillas and other such ploys to free Gaza that are becoming increasingly fashionable among anti-Israel, Pro-Palestinian Activists.

While their INTENTION to aid the Palestinian people is cause-worthy, their true agenda and MOTIVE are clearly NOT, as we shall soon discover.

On one hand, Activists want to help the Palestinians. But since they need publicity and funding for their cause, they need to find a sure-fire way to do so.

Well, as the Mavi Marmara experience taught us last year, they did. It's call Flotillas, Flytillas and friends...[...]

What the Activists don't realize, perhaps, is that by provoking Israel to stop the Gaza blockade, they are in fact severely undermining Israel's ability to defend itself against a sworn enemy, the Hamas government. Let's not forget that the Hamas refuses to privately and publicly accept Israel's right to exist and commits terrorist acts against Israel.

So we kindly request the Activists to find another way to support the Palestinian people without supporting the extreme Hamas government....

Not one activist has answered my question "Do you support Hamas"? and I follow with "Free Gaza from Hamas"

I guess that makes me an asshole, pure and simply, an asshole for asking.

Guilty as charged as Howie said.

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