July 05, 2011

Holder - Fail, CIA - Win!

For a second time those members of the CIA involved in extraordinary rendition and enhanced interrogations have been exonerated. It's not only time for Eric Holder to apologize to the men and women involved who's information eventually led to the killing of Osama bin Laden, but it's also time for him to resign.

You really need to read this entire piece to get a feeling for just how political Holder's intentions were in appointing a special prosecutor to look into Bush Era CIA policies. It reports that when reopening the case that Holder didn't even bother to read the original report exonerating career CIA agents.

And the fact that a special prosecutor is passing on continuing the investigations says volumes. When you're a special prosecutor it is your job to dig up dirt. It is rare that a special prosecutor goes away without a single prosecution.

In this case the special prosecutor is only continuing to investigate two alleged crimes, neither of which were related to extraordinary rendition nor enhanced interrogations.

Here's a teaser:

Therein lies the outrage. During the Bush administration, career prosecutors from the Eastern District of Virginia conducted an exhaustive inquiry into allegations of abuse in the CIA program and decided against prosecutions in all but one case (a CIA contractor, not in the official interrogation program, who was later convicted of assault). The prosecutors drafted “declination memos” explaining precisely why they decided not to pursue charges. Not only did Holder, a political appointee, overrule the decisions of these career prosecutors, according to The Post, “Before making his decision to reopen the cases, Holder did not read detailed memos that prosecutors drafted and placed in files to explain their decision to decline prosecutions”
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