July 05, 2011

Ministry of Duh: New War Strategy Kill the Enemy

You know if there's one thing I like about Obi-One, he was against killing before he was for it.

Usama bin Laden has been killed. The U.S. is poised to begin withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. And the Obama administration's shift in counterterrorism strategy from land wars to precision strikes and raids is raising concerns that the White House has adopted a policy of targeting killings for terror suspects.

With no new detainees at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay since March 2008, a top military commander told Congress recently that there is no clear policy for dealing with suspected terrorist leaders who are captured overseas.

n many cases, the suspects are taken to a ship offshore until a decision is approved by the White House.

Now that I'm over the irony of Obi-One's anti-war campaign vs. his presidential kill 'em all and let Allah sort them out. That last part seems trivial, let him swim home...

But also I've warned our enemies for years who supported Dems, look at American history, are you sure you really want a Democrat in office during war time. I mean it wasn't a republican that pushed the button now was it?

Also of note another shift in strategy I like. If you've not heard, most of the all major al-Qaeda forums mysteriously went off line just before the July fourth weekend.

This is also a strategy we've advocated for a long time. Not only to gather intelligence from the online world of the Jihadis. But to actively face them, humiliate them, stir up distrust.

Some analysts complain it leaves us deaf, blind and dumb. Well I doubt that it leaves US that way, just them.

I'm sure monitoring the reaction on unaffected lines of communication gives a lot of information, and yeah I don't think the forums would have died unless, you know, those other lines were not severely compromised.

So I'll give two thumbs up. One to killing the enemy and a second to kicking his ass all over the internet.

Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit.

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