July 02, 2011

Captain of US Boat to Gaza jailed in Athens (Updated)

For failing to follow Port Authority orders. John Klusmer finds himself in a fine mess if true confirmed[several news agencies reporting on it]. I read elsewhere on Thursday the captain had quit in fear of losing his maritime license . So dunno if he was the original captain or not. It's hard to read between the lines of propaganda..

Also, organizers are saying the era of the flotilla might be over[Remember, this is propaganda]

Raultalbot7 sent me this video, it's of the Canadian boat "Tahrir" named after Tahrir Square protests in Cairo, Egypt.

Note - all boats are forbidden from sailing.

Zionist PSA aimed at ships of fools:

h/t Elder of Ziyon's twitter paper. Oh, be sure and check out his new posters on this subject h/t Bubbe

UPDATE: Video of Greek "commandos" intercepting the Audacity of Dopes:

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