June 28, 2011

Afghanistan's Intercontinental Hotel Under Attack by Suicide Bombers

Apparently a Mumbai style attack.


A Taliban suicide assault team attacked a hotel frequented by foreigners in the Afghan capital of Kabul. Initial reports indicate that 14 people may have been killed while fighting is still underway.

A heavily armed Taliban assault team, estimated at six fighters strong, penetrated several rings of security at the Intercontinental and have entered the hotel. Three or four members of the assault team broke through the security, entered the hotel, and began targeting the guests, many of whom are foreigners. Many of the hotel guests were in the restaurant at the time of the attack. At least one Taliban sniper is said to have opened fire on security forces using rocket propelled grenades and a rifle from the rooftop. Afghan security forces have surrounded the hotel, cut off power, and are engaging the remaining Taliban fighters.

The Taliban, via their spokesman, Zahibullah Mujahid, claimed credit for the attack in a statement released to the press.

"Our muj [mujahideen or fighters] entered the hotel and they've gone through several stories of the building and they are breaking into each room and they are targeting the 300 Afghans and foreigners who are staying," Mujahid said, according to The New York Times.[More]

According to FNC
A State Department official told Fox News that all chiefs of mission personnel are accounted for in the country, including all U.S. citizens currently working for the embassy in Kabul. However there is no information yet on any Americans who might have been staying at the Intercon hotel.
AllahP has more on this
The Times says there could be as many as six suicide bombers on the scene, and reportedly at least three are carrying light and heavy weapons. According to a Taliban spokesman, who took credit for the attack on behalf of the group, the attackers “are breaking into each room and they are targeting the 300 Afghans and foreigners who are staying.” Systematic murder, in other words, not indiscriminate explosions; presumably, they’re wearing vests in case they’re cornered by U.S. and Afghan troops and want to take a few with them at the moment of truth.[Continue reading]
Lovely, just fecking lovely.

Update by Howie: Video of the scene seems pretty calm.

Update by Matt Damon: Speculation on my part this had to have been an inside job.

Update by Howie again: Three of the terrorists were cleared off the roof of the hotel by NATO helicopters.

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