June 27, 2011

Dear "Gen JC Christian" blogspot (Jesus' General)

Jesus General assmaggot.jpg.jpg

Or patriotboy.blogspot.com[yes that page does exist..use link given on bs warning] to be exact.

Retraction and apology requested.

He/she/it has a post regarding Islam's useful idiots boat to Gaza or what they like to call "Freedom Flotilla". He/she/it's post is titled "Kill our Citizens Please" which is in regards to jokes made on twitter about Americans on the boat to Gaza. Also this douchebag compares murdered Nuns with Pro-Pal Islamist Hamas anti-Jew supporters

Back to why I am posting this, I don't know the reason why he/she/it linked my post titled "Radical Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr thanks followers for pledging to attack U.S. military in Iraq"

Elsewhere: The proudly white Jawa reminds us that calls to murder American citizens aren't patriotic acts if there's melanin involved.
"Proudly white"? WTF is that suppose to mean douchebag? Are you calling me and fellow Jawa bloggers white supremacists?

You damn well better retract that statement and apologize. Sending your lackeys to comment pretending to be white supremacists won't work either, just sayin

You have been drinking too much of George Soros' kool aid. You claim you are a "satire" website but from the links you have that statement doesn't really hold up.

UPDATE: He/she/it doesn't have a clue, brain dead liberals are like that:

Jesus General_twitter.jpg

No retraction, apology, just more bullshit

UPDATE II: (See Howie's video above):

israel_da shizzle.jpg

JC christian_hillbilly.jpg

Ah, was that liberal retraction?

It's not nice to piss off a Jawa...especially me

To be continued.....

Assholes twitter account @JC_Christian

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