June 21, 2011

WH Set To Throw ATF's Melson Under Bus..But Anti-Gun Zealot To Take His Place?

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Day by Day

Adam Traver to be exact

[Michelle Malkin] Getting rid of Melson is a start but this one move alone aint gonna cure ATFs problems. Its going to take a bigger bus. Corruptocrat AG Eric Holder knew about the program[Operation Fast & Furious ie Gunwalker..ed] much earlier than he testified to, Rep. Issa says, and he has been an obstruction to the Gunrunner probe since day one.

And then theres the man waiting in the wings to replace Melson either as acting director or as permanent director. Hes Chicago anti-gun radical Andrew Traver and hes scheduled to meet with Holder and DOJ today.[More]

JaWannaB, First Bigot Deluxe and ST gave info on two blogs regarding this:
The " War on Guns" and " Sipsey Street Irregulars" blog have been talking up the GunWalker thing for maybe a year+. They both deserve awards for exposing this since they were the first. I think SSI has a mole in the ATF.

David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh are names you need to remember. They're the Woodward and Bernstein of Gunwalker

David Codrea, at the Examiner, has A Journalist's Guide to 'Project Gunwalker' The link is Part 3 with links to Part 2 & 1.

Wow, they worked their butts off getting this story out.

Google's YouTube "Fast & Furious" Censorship: Rep Issa's Oversight Hearing On Operation Gunrunner[And yes, YouTube still won't let me embed the videos..just keeps showing loading. Maybe length of video?]

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