June 16, 2011

Girls Will Be Girls

Danielle Johnsen.jpg(Staten Island, New York) A 29-year-old science teacher at an all-girls Catholic high school, Danielle Johnsen, has been accused of mixing it up with a 16-year-old student.

Johnsen faces charges of sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child.

On Feb. 16 and March 2, Johnsen and the straight-A student from the all-girls school on Grymes Hill locked lips while hanging out, according to court papers.

And, on March 13, Johnsen again kissed the girl and shoved her hand down the teen’s pants when they rendezvoused at Johnsen’s Jewett Avenue home in Port Richmond, court documents state.

The shocking affair first came to light after Johnsen called it off with the victim and the depressed teen took to blogging about her heartbreak on Tumblr, a social networking site, sources said.

Johnsen was booked and released without bail. (h/t F.B.)

In a similar but unrelated case in Pennsylvania, a female teacher allegedly sent a sex toy to a female student and pressured her to use it. A teacher at Upper Dublin High School, Cheryl Bremble, 40, reportedly text messaged that she was bisexual and thought the girl was "hot."

Bremble faces multiple sex-related charges.

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