June 13, 2011

Sandcrawler PSA: Facebook Peaked

And is on its way down in the US.

As its user ranks approach 700 million worldwide, Facebook traffic in the United States has dropped significantly, a sign that the social network behemoth may be on the way down, reports Inside Facebook.

According to statistics from Inside Facebook Gold analytics service — which gets its information from Facebook’s advertising tool — new Facebook users totaled 11.8 million people in May — an impressive number by any stretch of the imagination. But that compares to the 13.9 million who joined in April, and an average of about 20 million in the 12 months prior.

This drop is primarily due to a plunge in registered users in the US. The number of US Facebook users fell from 155.2 million to 149.4 million during the month of May alone. That’s nearly 6 million people who decided they no longer need to stay connected through the service, and is the first time Facebook has lost users in the last year.

Such is the internet.

Facebook was cool as a platform, we found it very useful for delivering interested readers.

But then it got all big headed, decided it knew what its users want rather than letting them decide.

#1 rule. All applications, despite its creators idea, are always adapted to what the user wants to do.

Facebook has a real problem when folks use it in ways that Facebook didn't think of first.

#2 rule. Take away that freedom, that openness, start trying to rule, the users flee.

#3. Once they flee, they realize they don't need you. And you go the way of Compuserve.

Facebook is no longer the next thing, its the last thing.

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