June 10, 2011

Sandcrawler PSA: Fair is Fair

Seriously, Loomis owes this dude his taco lunch, with drink for a year.

Robert Adams craved an ice-cold drink after finishing his shift on a sweltering workday, but not having enough money to buy the burrito he also wanted left him with two obvious choices: Stop at the ATM, or find a bag containing more than $17,000 in cash.

Adams then called police, who along with bank officials later determined the money was meant for an ATM in Midlothian and had been under the care of Loomis, an armored truck company. Rolling Meadows police took the money to the station, where it was picked up by a Loomis official.

Loomis officials said they were investigating, but have not said whether Adams will get a reward.

"I really don't know what happens with this situation," Adams said.

Come on Loomis don't be cheap ungrateful bastages on top of sloppy couriers. Its not good for your image.

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