June 05, 2011

...And In Other News

Israeli border defense is breaking, headline news. Yet Syrian mass slaughter is just another article buried in "more news..."

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First the HEADLINE (notice it's "updated" and no longer "new".):

An Israeli military spokesman in Tel Aviv said soldiers, who had been on high alert along the Syrian and Lebanese frontiers in anticipation of possible border-breaching protests, fired warning shots. He gave no casualty figures.

A Reuters correspondent at the scene saw at least four demonstrators carried away on stretchers by the crowd, but it was not immediately clear if they had been hit by Israeli gunfire.

(Note: MSNBC has replaced this article with a newer version.)

...And in other (less important) news (and notice it's "new" and, yet, the casualty count has dramatically risen in other MSNBC reports!):

The death toll in a government security crackdown in northern Syrian town has risen to 25, a human rights group said on Sunday.

Casualty figures increased to 63 dead, but MSNBC still has the original article and the 'more news' headline as 25. The New casualty figures aren't mentioned in the original article.

Update: (as of 11:27am EST) MSNBC has updated the Israel story to 11 dead, as reported by Syrian television. (They must have seen more stretchers...)

The story about the Syrian protesters is still at 25, even though scores more have been confirmed dead.

From the new, updated article (emphasis mine):

Israeli troops opened fire Sunday at a crowd of pro-Palestinian protesters who tried to break into the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights from neighboring Syria, killing as many as 11 people and wounding scores in a burst of violence marking the Arab defeat in the 1967 Mideast war.

The casualty figures came from Syrian state television. Israel has offered no immediate comment on dead or wounded.

Israel angrily accused the Syrian regime of orchestrating the violence the second border clash in less than a month to deflect attention from its bloody crackdown on a popular uprising at home.

And apparently, the deflection is working. At least at MSNBC.

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