May 18, 2011

Attendees at Largest Jewish American Conference Told Not to Boo Obama (Update: Not Entirely True)

Jim Hoft

Attendees at AIPAC, the largest annual Jewish American conference, were told not to boo Barack Obama when he speaks there this month.

Ben Smith at The Politico reported:

A reader forwards over an email from AIPAC President Lee Rosenberg to delegates to the organization’s annual policy conference, which will feature President Obama’s and Prime Minister Netanyahu’s coming speeches to the organization.

It’s titled “Welcoming Guests Into our Home” and I don’t think anyone over there is worried the crowd will heckle Bibi:


UPDATE: What Ben Smith posted is not entirely true: Misunderstanding AIPAC and the booing

Politico’s Ben Smith attempted to have a little fun at the expense of AIPAC today when he posted the text of an e-mail from the group’s president urging those who attend its annual conference to behave with civility toward guest speakers. Smith jibed that since no one at AIPAC could be worried about Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu being heckled, this must have been a special alert in order to head off potential booing of President Obama when he speaks there on Sunday. Smith had to backtrack a little bit on this when he subsequently learned that the sending of such warnings to AIPAC conference attendees is an annual rite and not something that had to be ginned up in order to specifically protect Obama.
Thanks to Challah Hu Akbar in comments.

Shame on me for not checking into this, I should have known better. Jawa bloggers learn "trust but verify" I am fired...when Rusty comes back from Scotland. BTW, did you know Rusty is wearing a kilt with no whitey tighties or boxers? I dunno which type he wears, he only confides in male co-bloggers, if you know what I mean. He said it gives him freedom, air and stuff...just sayin


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