May 18, 2011

All Your Fakes Are Belong to US: Pallywood's Libyan Nabka Location


There is just so much fake fake fake going in in this this photo that the "mujahideen" are passing around as of the conflict in Libya.

Agency World news

News out about 32 government car belonging to the elements of the Gaddafi regime in the past two days across the Libyan-Tunisian border and reports of the presence of Zaid Dorda, Shukri Ghanem, cabled and Aaty Abul Qasim al-Obeidi at the airport in Djerba

Recent images coming from the dawn of Laodicea

And also images of rebels Libyans

Yeah right.

First off they are Israeli soldiers not Libyan, The India Times never shies away from a good fake pic if it has Israeli soldiers in it. Their fake source? Getty Images.

There is one soldier with a single shot launcher on the far right. How he got off five shots at once? Well. That is a neat trick.

And also his smoke is a different color than the rest of the smoke.

Oh and all the projectiles are "flying" at an incorrect angle. The actual tear gas canister that was moving at 200 fps has left the building so to speak.

And here the "flying shrapnel clearly shows Photo Shop artifacts when the image is blown up.


A second artifact here is the blue circle around the implanted projectile.


I'm sure there is more. There's a link to the original there at the top. Knock yourself out.

Hat Tip: Ronin.

Update: To clarify the post, and yeah sometimes I'm less than descriptive. This photo has been doctored to make it appear more "exciting" than it originally was. As was discovered during the last confrontation with Israel and Hizb,Allah a few years back. Hizb,Allah and its supporters try to attach stringers to major news organizations like AFP, AP, Reuters and in this case Getty Images.

They attempt to paint Palestinian suffering and Israeli Aggression (The leftist term for Defense of the Jewish state) in a non-objective manner.

In this case they have added "projectiles" to an already existing image. And its pretty easy to find the Photoshop artifacts, yet major "objective" wire services continue to distribute the images without really checking to see if they are actually real.

These are then mixed in with other actual photos with planted victims or teddy bears and sent off.

The end result it that a more negative narrative of the Israeli/Arab conflict is painted by an all too cooperative press.

If I can find the fake in this stuff for free, why can't major news wires do the same when they are getting a regular paycheck to do so?

This methodology in the press just bolsters Israel's claim that the incident in Nakba was incited by Hizb,Allah who is Iran's proxy in the region.

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