May 17, 2011

9/11 A Decade Later: Widows To Release Documentary

Via NY1

Andrea Garbarini is on a mission. For the past year, she has worked on a film about four September 11th widows to document how their lives have changed nearly a decade after the attacks.

"It's to honor these women and to share with others how it's been living through this for the past ten years. 9/11 doesn't go away,” said Garbarini.

It's a film close to Garbarini's heart. She lost her husband, FDNY Lieutenant Charlie Garbarini, in the attacks. To honor his memory, she donates proceeds from an annual benefit to the Thomas Elsasser Fund, which supports families of firefighters who die outside the line of duty.

"We all have choices. We can decide to be victims, or we can turn around and try to improve our fellow human beings' lives," said Garbarini.

The documentary, titled “From the Ground Up,” shows how the women have rebuilt their lives in the face of tremendous loss.[More]


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