May 07, 2011

Bin Laden Home Videos: Obsessed With His Own Image

bin laden watching himself.jpg


WASHINGTON (AP) Newly released videos show Osama bin Laden inside his hide-out, watching himself on television and rehearsing for terrorist propaganda videos.

The videos, released by U.S. intelligence officials Saturday, were offered as further proof that Navy SEALs killed the world's most wanted terrorist this week. But they also served to show bin Laden as vain, someone obsessed with his portrayal by the world's media

FNC has More
WASHINGTON -- A portrait of Usama bin Laden's daily life emerged Saturday from the single largest intelligence collection ever, including a disclosure of home videos that show him watching news coverage of himself on television.

The videos were shown to the news media Saturday by intelligence officials. The five movies offer the first public glimpse at bin Laden's life behind the walls of his compound in suburban Pakistan.

The government-selected clips also provide an opportunity for the U.S. to paint bin Laden in an unflattering light to his supporters. The videos include outtakes of his propaganda films and, taken together, portray him as someone obsessed with his own image and how he is portrayed to the world.

Daily Mail has more images, including the squalid rat hole he lived in...gawd, sickening.

Now, the Obama Administration should release the images of him dead, can't let bin Laden have the last word, just sayin. Show the world his brains hanging out and stuff.

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