May 05, 2011

Photo: Dead Man at bin Laden Compound Had ... WATER GUN??? (UPDATED: 2nd Photo Added) **Sticky**(Update: Bumped Again)

Toy water gun? [Second photo of squirt gun at bottom of post]

Photos showing three dead bodies at Osama bin Laden's compound were sold to Reuters by a Pakistani security official. Reuters has copyrighted the pictures so won't allow us to publish them, however they are claiming that the photos do not show weapons.

A high quality version of the full photos can be seen here.

The photos are very close up to the bodies, so one wouldn't expect to see any weapons. You mostly see a close up of the upper half of the men's bodies, not much around them or even their lower half.

However, one of the dead men seems to be laying on a toy water pistol.

Unless I miss my mark, I'm pretty sure that's what this zoomed crop of the original shows. It's the standard green gun, with what looks like an orange sighting. Similar water guns are sold at any 99 cents store.

I did a Google image search of "water gun" and nearly all of them were green with many of them having orange trim. And a Google search adding Pakistan to the equation suggests many of these toys are in fact made in Pakistan.

Maybe he reached for the water gun?

Just like a jihadi, bringing a water pistol to an assault rifle fight!

As a bonus, the same picture shows a number of computer cable wires which have been disconnected. Visual evidence that we now have bin Laden's computer in our custody.


UPDATE: SH Jane points out that there were children at the house so the squirt gun might have belonged to one of bin Laden's younger kids.

Okay, I'll buy that as plausible.

But in the absence of any other narrative, the evidence can be read in a variety of ways.

I want to think that one of bin Laden's goons reached for a water gun. It just makes me happy.

And it's also a case of life imitating art imitating life: see the use of squirt guns in Four Lions.

UPDATE: Here's a second and clearer photo of the dead guy at bin Laden's compund. I'm now 99% sure it's a squirt gun.


UPDATE: Bryan "SEAL Team Six Meat Buffet" Preston thinks it might be Nerf gun. Maybe, but I'm still going with the water pistol.

But it's funny, either way.

UPDATE by Rusty: I got a tip from a Drudge reader that SEAL Team Six drops these squirt guns as a calling card and maybe an inside joke. Like, "Unarmed? Why no. Look at that gun right here."

Can any one confirm this or bust it as a myth?

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