May 03, 2011

Post in Which Jawa Report Totally Agrees with Huffpo


Under normal circumstances the argument for keeping the Bin Laden death photos away from the public is understandable. President Obama and the Navy SEALs have accomplished what they set out to do. Word is the pictures are very gruesome and would only inflame other Bin Laden sympathizers. I understand the reluctance to make these pictures public.

However over the past few days all images on TV and in the papers of Bin Laden have been of him at the height of his power looking strong, young and scary. This is not how we should remember him. As gruesome as the death photos are, those images will become his final and lasting image.

I remember when Saddam Hussein's sons Uday and Qusay were killed. I'd seen pictures of them in life but it didn't make much of an impression. However the death pictures were shocking and those images have stayed with me. Their "mystique" was gone. They looked like the two thugs that they were. That's how I remember them.

The only problem I can see with releasing the images is that teh Google is always looking for a way to suspend our ads. The last time they banned us for showing the graphic truth of what Sharia justice administered by al-Shabaab really means in Somalia.

Given the choice they usually give us, we'll be required to run the truth. And it will cost us.

But that's the whole reason I'm blogging here, because blogs will tell me the things the MSM doesn't really want me to know raw and uncensored.

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