April 28, 2011

Sandcrawler PSA: Weather Update

And yes all is fine here. I felt the temp change yesterday. This AM is clear as a bell cool and a nice breeze. I think we'll make it fairly well if the water only rises as much they are predicting. Forecast good.

But I'm way north of the real trouble last night, makes our "little flood" seem not so bad.

190+ dead in Alabama and other areas of the south from the same temperature change.

Daylight illuminated a scene of utter devastation across many areas of the South Thursday, following storms of near-epic proportions that killed at least 194 people in five states.

The vast majority of fatalities occurred in Alabama, where at least 149 people perished, Jennifer Ardis, a spokeswoman for Gov. Robert Bentley, told CNN Thursday. A breakdown provided by Ardis showed that violent weather claimed lives in 16 Alabama counties. Thirty people perished in DeKalb County in northeastern Alabama; the death toll in the hard-hit city of Tuscaloosa, in west-central Alabama, was at 36 as of Thursday morning, said Mayor Walter Maddox.

Prayers for all those who were affected.

Update: Yahoo is running a slideshow of some of the damage here.

Video of the storms here.

Update II:

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