April 27, 2011

Al Qaeda & Google's YouTube Presents: How To Make A Suicide Vest (Update: OWND!)

Via Andrea: Students of jihad, cover this material well in your quest for martyrdom

Enter the1black1wolf, gracing the jihad halls of YouTube with impunity since June 28, 2010. A perfect example of internet users with fifty videos that cover violence, propaganda, snipers, executions and - a suicide bomber assembling his own vest:

Easy assembly starting at 21:48:

Comment from youtube.com/user/lsts3udi[googlish translate]

YouTube - Salah al-Din deter apostates_suicide belt_comment.jpg

UPDATE: The above user is our bitch!

Again I ask, Dear Google's YouTube: WTF Is Wrong With You Supporting Terrorism?[Update: 5triving4martyrd0m terminated, thanks Jawas! He has 4 accounts left][<===Update II: this is his last channel-->: youtube.com/user/str1vin4martyrdom]

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