April 21, 2011

Qaeda Claims 14 Killed in Algeria

Just a friendly reminder that al Qaeda's franchise organizations are still alive and kicking:

Al Qaeda's north Africa branch has claimed responsibility for an attack on an Algerian army barracks in which 14 soldiers were killed, the US-based SITE monitoring service said.

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb claimed "the successful invasion that was carried out ... on a military barracks of the Algerian army" on the night of April 15, a SITE translation of a statement posted on jihadist forums said.

You know what makes me nervous? We haven't seen any of AQAP's dirty work lately. Maybe they're too busy with the unrest in Yemen, and maybe our black ops are working, but I don't like it when those losers go this long without so much as a failed bombing of a Western target.

Hey Sammy, you still kicking?

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