April 18, 2011

Dear Pakistan: Aafia Siddiqui (aka Lady al-Qaeda) Was Found Guilty

Fecking deal with it. Her lawyers aren't bullied as you say, asking for her release.

She was found guilty in our court (U.S.), acted like a beotch the whole time, threatened jurors during the trial, so let it feckin rest.

She is not innocent, Raymond Davis's release from Pakistan had nothing to do with her.

She wanted to kill and was busted.............deal with it!

She is a terrorist, not a damn stay at home Mom with a degree.

She was NOT raped and beaten while in detention.

Don't you have the Taliban to deal with?

Bitch about them for gawd sake.

Are they not killing other Muslims in your country?

Fecking damn idiots killing people over Koran burning but too chicken sh*t to demonstrate against the Taliban/alQaeda

"Free Aafia Siddiqui" bs is getting old.

Free yourselves from political Islam for gawd sake.

Stupid idiots anyway..get a feckin life!

Feckin tired of shit in my email complaining about her prison sentence

Yes, this is a rant...and now, end of rant

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