April 17, 2011

IDF: Two arrested terrorists admitted to carrying out brutal murder of the Fogel Family

Udi Fogel (36.5), his wife Ruth (35) and children Yoav (11), Elad (4) and Hadas (three months)

This beautiful Israeli family WERE "Obstacles to Peace"


The General Security Service, in conjunction with IDF forces, recently arrested two terrorists who carried out the brutal attack in Itamar last month in which five members of the Fogel family were killed.

The two arrested terrorists, identified with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine[their fecking English website...ed], were Amjad Awad, 18, and Hakim Awad, 17, from the village of Awarta, which neighbors Itamar.

Hakim Awad, a minor according to Israeli law, was arrested on April 5. He is a high school student whose family is identified with the PFLP. His father was a PFLP terrorist who served time in a Palestinian Authority prison at the end of the 1990s for a murder motivated by family honor. Hakim himself was involved in a stabbing incident last year with other youths in the village stemming from a personal dispute.

Hakim's uncle, Jibril, was a PFLP terrorist involved in a 2002 attack in Itamar. In 2003, he was killed in a clash with IDF forces.

Amjad Awad, a university student in Nablus, is also identified with the PFLP. He worked previously as a laborer in Israel[...]

On Friday, March 11, the two terrorists met and agreed to carry out an attack in Itamar that same night. Around 9 in the evening, they left for Itamar carrying knives, as well as shears to cut the fence at Itamar. They also brought hoods to cover their faces. They crossed the distance between Awarta and Itamar, about one kilometer, by foot and climbed the fence surrounding Itamar and jumped to the other side.

From there, they continued uphill through a grove into the settlement, a distance of 400 meters until the first row of houses. They first entered a house next door to the Fogel home. The residents of the home were not there and the terrorists stole a short M-16 rifle as well as a magazine, vest and helmet.

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With the stolen weapon in their possession, the terrorists entered the Fogel home. During their interrogation, the terrorists said that they saw that there were children inside in home. The terrorists entered the home and murdered Yoav, 11, and Elad, 4. From there, they moved to room where Udi and Ruth Fogel were with their baby Hadas. The terrorists turned on the light, waking the parents, and a struggle ensued. Udi and Ruth Fogel were stabbed to death and Ruth was also shot by the stolen M-16.

The terrorists stole from the home Udi Fogel's M-16 rifle. They did not see the baby Hadas or Yishai, 2. Hakim saw Roey, 8, but felt that it was time to escape without further delays. In his testimony, Amjad said that he did not notice Roey. The two terrorists left the house.

Outside the home, the terrorists saw a jeep and were worried that the shots had been heard. It turned out that because the night was stormy, the shots had not awakened others in the community. When they saw the jeep do nothing, the terrorists argued over whether to withdraw or to carry out attacks in other homes. Hakim wanted to return immediately to Awarta while Amjad said that he wanted to steal another weapon. Amjad returned to the Fogel home and heard Hadas crying. He was concerned that the crying would be heard outside the home so he stabbed the baby to death. He did not notice Roey or Yishai who continued to sleep. In his testimony, he said that if he had seen the two boys he would have killed them as well.

After the attack, the terrorists returned to Awarta. They went to the house of Salah Awad, a PFLP terrorist and uncle of Hakim. They told him about what they had done. Salah helped them hide their knives and to burn their clothes, which were covered in blood. The stolen weapons were given to Jaad Abid, a Ramallah resident, who hid the guns in his house. Jaad Abid was arrested last Thursday and the guns were found in his home.

The two terrorists returned to their routine daily lives until they were arrested. Others arrested in the case were Hassan Awad, brother of Salah who lived in the same house, Hakim's father Mazen Awad, Jaad Abid and Mohammed Awad.

According to the GSS, the motive for the attack was purely nationalistic. Amjad said that he went to Itamar seeking to die a martyr's death. After admitting to the attack, the terrorists coolly described their actions. A GSS official said that he had never before seen something like this.

"They told us in great detail, clearly all the way through all the stages of investigation what they had done," he said.

The official said that the two refused to express remorse for the murders. For the terrorists, there was no difference between adults and children because "they were all Israelis and Jews."[ More]

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WARNING: A reminder of what these two bas*ards did to the Fogel family is below

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One more chance, are you sure?

Here they are

Father & infant

11 yr old

4 yr old


May the bastards rot in hell!

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