April 16, 2011

OMG! I Hope No Qurans Were Damaged!

A suicide bomber of the Religion-That-Must-Not-Be-Named™ attempted to murder dozens in a Malaysian Mosque.

From SMH via Gateway Pundit:

A bomber detonated an explosive device just as police officers were about to start Friday prayers yesterday at their mosque in a compound in West Java, killing himself and injuring up to 25 others, some gravely.

Witnesses told Indonesian media outlets that the bomb was let off just after the iqamah, the call that signals that prayers are about to begin. The perpetrator was male, clad in black and stood facing the congregation, his prayer mat still rolled up in his hand, before he triggered the explosive device, said accounts provided to the website of the magazine Gatra.

He shouted praise to God before the attack, the report said.

It's really getting harder and harder for me to sympathize when the victims are Muslim. Granted, a majority Muslims are not extremists and don't deserve to be harmed for their spiritual beliefs. However, since it is the Islamic faith inciting the extremists to behave as they do, then those who share the religious ideology should not be surprised when the violence engulfs them.

As an example, from the same article above, a former Jemaah Islamiyah member responds to the attacks:

"To attack Muslims as their performing Friday prayers?!" said Abu Ghifari, who quit the group because he disagreed with some of its doctrines. "It's a great sin!"

Notice, he isn't expressing outrage at the attack itself, but rather that the attack targeted Muslims. During their Friday prayers, no less. Keep in mind, the group has committed many other acts of terrorism before this incident, including the notorious and highly destructive Bali bombings of 2005. Perhaps even while Abu Ghifari was a member.

But this bombing was more outrageous. It was a great sin. Because it was an attack against Muslims, during their Friday prayers.

Islam is the epitome of bigotry and intolerance.

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