April 13, 2011

Sandcrawler PSA: Reader Love Mail Edition



ALLAH is the greatest, ALLAH is ALIVE, but the Christian’s god is a bloodied, battered and partially-eaten and bled-out, rotting DEAD Jew, nailed to two f u c k i n sticks; a defeated, powerless and ravaged god. ALLAHU AKBAR you rabid, corpse-eating, racist, Jeffrey Dahmer M U T H A F U C K A S of extremely low intelligence. I will be sure to tell your greedy Jew masters what loyal, obedient, and cannibalized slaves you Christians are. Enjoy your brief and evil life of fairy tales and hokum your Jew masters have created for you, because the Hell-fire is your final destination. Muslims should kill you rabid, corpse-eating, blood-drinking Christian ghouls and send you to your partially-eaten, rotting Jew corpse you call god. Long live the brave and fearless Warrior of Allah, OSAMA BIN LADEN, who brought the

S H I T pile aka America, to her Jew-worshipping knees.

This message brought to you by our Zionist overlords hiding in comments:


Come back again hater of Pakistani Shias, ya hear!!

Georgia on my mind...

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